An imposingly long building, particularly one that houses a commercial enterprise, such as a factory or hotel. Also: land-scraper.
Example Citations:
To put up almost a mile of space-age, super-luxury grandstand, including a four-block, 11-storey hotel, within 12 months — the "longest landscraper in the world" — and then to establish two different racing surfaces, one turf, one the artificial Tapeta, which won universal approval, is an amazing achievement.
—Brough Scott, " Lloyd Webbers win Dubai millions:," The Sunday Times, March 29, 2010
But the super structure already has been panned by local author and architectural critic James Howard Kunstler, who has called the building a "landscraper" the size of an aircraft carrier, and compared it unfavorably to a "gigantic brick Yule log" and Darth Vader's mask.
—Dennis Yusko, " Skidmore's sounds of music:," The Times-Union, December 28, 2009
Earliest Citation:
Another aspect of the towns we build today is the use of three types of building : the bungalow, the skyscraper and the landscraper (factory) spread out all over the landscape in loose functions of suburb, downtown and industrial zone.
City Magazine:, January 1, 1986 (approx)
Landscraper is the horizontal equivalent of a skyscraper, a term that has had a fun ride through the English language. In the late 18th century it referred to a kind of tall sail, but was subsequently used (with varying degrees of jocularity) to refer to a tall horse, a tall person, a person riding a tall bicycle, a tall hat, and even a tall tale. The "tall building" sense first appeared in the 1880s.
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